The cost of a new title is $28.00. If the vehicle is currently registered there is a $2.50 charge to transfer the registration to the new owner. If the Texas registration on your new vehicle is expired when you transfer the title, we will re-set the month of expiration to a period of twelve months including the month in which you record the transfer in our office.

Title to your vehicle may be issued under certain circumstances without any requirement to register the vehicle. If you want to title your vehicle without registering it you must surrender any license plates and windshield sticker displayed on the vehicle. You may not drive the vehicle on any public road during the time it remains unregistered.

The title to a motor vehicle must be transferred within 20 working days of the actual purchase to avoid penalties. After that date, a 5% penalty is assessed on the amount of motor vehicle tax due. After an additional 30 calendar days, an additional 5% (total 10%) penalty applies. In addition, if the vehicle was currently registered on the date of the sales and if title is not transferred within the first 20 working days, a $25.00 penalty is assessed